Citizens and the City Council

I have attended several council hearings and I am surprised that the media never exposed the scandalous and rude behavior of our council members. Until now.

The implications go far beyond bad manners.

The fact that the council members pay no attention to citizens' testimony, or even leave while such is being delivered, only to return for the vote, makes a mockery of our democratic process. What the naive public does not yet know is that decisions are made behind the scenes and that public testimony is just about irrelevant!

The overtures to the public by individual council members during the elections turns into rudeness once they are elected and their efforts are geared towards consolidation of their power rather than the solution of the city's problems.

Unfortunately, the 73-year-old Howell, who lives on Social Security is no longer the type of man our council will listen to.

His last statement could not have summed up in more tragic terms, the dangerous direction our city government has taken.

"The City Council was our last hope!"

How sad.


Los Angeles

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