Tax Rebates Trickle In

Officials of the Long Beach Unified School District say they have received less than $20,000 in tax rebate contributions for a $500,000 expansion of the district's sixth-grade camp in the San Gabriel Mountains. "It's disappointing if you look at the total amount rebated," district spokesman Dick Van der Laan said.

Two months ago, the school district asked parents to contribute all or part of their state-issued tax rebates--estimated at between $80 and $200 per family--to help finance the expansion of Camp Hi Hill, an educational facility traditionally attended for weeklong sessions by sixth-grade students. Because of district overcrowding, officials say, the camp is in danger of having to turn away students for the first time in its 39-year history.

Most taxpayers received their rebate checks in November and December, but some checks have yet to be sent out. "It was very slow at the beginning, but it's steadily increased," Van der Laan said of the donations. "We hope it will continue into the new year."

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