Landmark Candidates

A consulting firm hired by West Hollywood has recommended 118 structures as possible city landmarks, including a number of modest turn-of-the-century houses that are architectural relics of the once-thriving railroad community of Sherman.

But some property owners whose homes are on the list are angry, complaining that the city's proposed historic preservation plan could prevent development of their properties, and thus ruin their value.

The City Council has appointed a task force to draft an ordinance, which it hopes will be ready by May, that would establish a landmarks registry. The ordinance is expected to provide for a seven-member commission, appointed by the council, to recommend which properties will be declared landmarks.

On Monday, the council is scheduled to consider what amounts to a temporary moratorium prohibiting the demolition of the 118 structures identified by the consultants.

Preservationists have said that the action is necessary to head off possible demolitions before the task force completes its work.

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