Raul Julia, who has starred in such...

Raul Julia, who has starred in such films as "Kiss of the Spider Woman," "The Morning After" and "Compromising Positions," has been cast in the lead role of "The Richest Man in the World: The Story of Aristotle Onassis." A four-hour movie for ABC, the biography of the late Greek shipping magnate will also star Jane Seymour as Maria Callas, Anthony Quinn as Onassis' father, Francesca Annis as Jacqueline Kennedy and Lorenzo Quinn as Onassis' son.

The construction of the Berlin Wall forms the backdrop for a love story in "Wall of Tyranny," a TV movie that NBC plans to broadcast Jan. 11. Tony Danza of "Who's the Boss?" plays an American G.I. in love with a woman (Colette Stevenson) in the eastern sector of Berlin in 1961. When the wall starts to rise between them, he tries to find a way to help her escape. Sid Caesar, David McCallum and David Robb also star.

This season has already brought forth a TV movie with Debbie Reynolds as a police officer. Now CBS has lined up "Neon Jungle," with Suzanne Pleshette as what the network describes as "an embattled police captain assigned to the most corrupt and demoralized precinct in the city." Danny Aiello and Frank Converse also star.

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