Plea for Action, not Reaction

Why is it that members of the Glendale City Council seem to spend all their time reacting, rather than acting? John F. Day voted for the demolition of the Civic Center not out of any strong conviction, but because he was miffed at the tone of voice used by those who were more preservation-minded. Now Mayor Ginger Bremberg has come up with the ill-conceived idea of selling Glendale's interest in the Burbank airport back to Burbank. Why? Certainly not because it makes sense; rather, Bremberg is piqued at the attitude of Burbank officials. Again, reaction rather than action. Bremberg and her cohorts jump for joy every time another skyscraper goes up on Brand Boulevard; why do they want to relinquish their say in controlling one of the reasons why so many businesses are willing to center in Glendale: easy access to a manageable airport? It's time the City Council stopped staring at their own reflections in the mirror long enough to see what's going on behind them. Remember: pride goeth before a fall.

Charles Grant Craig


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