Lay Off Arm Wrestling

As President of the World Arm Wrestling Council, I must take issue with Jack Mathews' "Hollywood's Good, Bad and Strange" (Dec. 31).

In reference to the movie "Over the Top," he writes: " 'Over the Top's' ' setting, an arm wrestling championship in Las Vegas, may have been even goofier than romance in a department store window . . . (in reference to the movie "Mannequin").

During the filming of "Over the Top" an actual arm wrestling tournament was held in Las Vegas. About 700 competitors from such countries as France, Japan, Israel, West Germany and South Africa took part.

What disturbs me is Mathews' continued attacks on the sport of arm wrestling. To more than 50,000 athletes worldwide, arm wrestling is a very serious activity. Very soon arm wrestling will become an Olympic event.

It is obvious that Mathews has never attended a legitimate arm wrestling tournament, or he would have known that many such events have been held in Las Vegas. I would prefer that Mathews stick to insulting the movie industry and leave sporting news to those qualified.


San Dimas

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