Avoid Quick Fixes and Let Kings Alone

Obviously, hockey is not a primary sport in your eyes. If it were, it would be reported on other than Pages 3 and beyond. Although I can live with its placement in your paper, I have a problem when you advocate a return to the Jack Kent Cooke era of trying to find a "quick fix" to a problem. Your suggestion (and that of the letters you have selected to print) that Rogie Vachon is to blame are 180 degrees off the mark. Rogie is singularly responsible for the scoring punch the Kings enjoy with Carpenter, Robitaille and Carson. Two of the three were draft choices which undoubtedly would have been traded away by Mr. Cooke.

Admittedly, there are two ends to the ice, and the Kings desperately need defensive help. The way to get it is to patiently wait and draft the talent--not trade away the hard-won offense.

No contender was built in two years. We should encourage Rogie, Dr. Buss and Bruce McNall to avoid the quick-fix formula and continue building a first-rate Los Angeles team.


Manhattan Beach

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