Films going into production:BLOODHOUNDS OF BROADWAY...

Compiled by David Pecchia

Films going into production:

BLOODHOUNDS OF BROADWAY (Speakeasy). Shooting in New Jersey. Matt Dillon and Madonna star in this series of vignettes from Damon Runyon short stories. The Material Girl can be seen as a good-hearted showgirl (and she's appearing for scale). Producer Kevin Dowd. Director Howard Brookner. Screenwriters Brookner and Coleman DeKay. Also stars Mary Stuart Masterson, Randy Quaid, Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Grey.

HELLRAISER II--HELLBOUND (New World). Shooting in England. This horrific continuation focuses on the deadly powers of the Cenobites as they lure Kirsty into a hell of undreamed pain and pleasure. Executive producers Clive Barker and Chris Webster. Producer Christopher Figg. Director Tony Randel. Stars Claire Higgins, Ashley Lawrence and Andrew Robinson. Fall release.

LONE WOLF (Flash). Shooting in Colorado. A whodunit werewolf story set in a junior college where the identity of the beast remains unknown until the end. Executive producer A.B. Goldberg. Producers Sarah Liles and Doug Olson. Director John Callas. Screenwriter Michael Krueger. Stars Kevin Hart, Dyann Brown and Jamie Newcomb. Distributor Prism.

MOONTRAP (Shapiro/Glickenhaus). Shooting in Detroit. Walter Koenig ("Star Trek's" Chekhov) is an American astronaut who discovers the remains of a mysterious, ancient civilization and an army of metallic monsters who intend to invade the Earth. Executive producers Brian C. Manoogian and James A. Courtenay. Producer/director Robert Dyke. Screenwriter Tex Ragsdale. Also stars Bruce Campbell.

PRIME EVIL (Reeltime). Shooting in NYC. During the plague-ridden 14th Century, a man strikes a pact with the devil to achieve immortality and ends up traveling through time to the present. Producer Walter E. Sear. Director Roberta Findlay. Screenwriters Ed Kelleher and Harriette Vidal. Distributor Reeltime.

THE WITCHING HOUR (MGM/Joe Wizan/Indian Neck). A young lawyer is hurled into a nightmare beyond his imagination when he meets the girl of his dreams--a beautiful and mysterious woman with a dark past. Executive producers Howard Baldwin and Richard Cohen. Producers Joe Wizan and Brian Russell. Director Janet Greek. Screenwriter Tracy Torme. Distributor MGM/UA.

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