Hebrew Renaissance

Your front-page article "Hebrew Lesson Gives Prayers New Meaning" (Dec. 14) was an accurate description of the renaissance of Hebrew studies and will serve as a well-deserved incentive for those who want to learn their Hebrew Prayers, regardless of the age of the learner.

There is no doubt that the Hebrew language, the language of the Bible and the synagogue throughout the ages has been making an incredible comeback for the last decade or two.

However, you neglected mentioning that there is also an incredible renaissance of "Hebrew as a modern language." Young and old Jews are learning modern Hebrew, which is also the official language of the state of Israel and serves as the common language among Jewish people throughout the world.

The average reader scanning the article would assume that Hebrew is taught to the Orange County Jewish adults only at Temple Beth Emet. I have been in Orange County since 1966, and I know that liturgical Hebrew for adults is offered in at least 15 of the 20 synagogues of Orange County.

Your writer is totally wrong in the following statement: "Five synagogues in the Los Angeles area now offer Hebrew literacy classes. In Orange County, only Beth Emet does."


Temple Beth Tikvah

of North Orange County,


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