Just Fur Fun

Inclement weather got you down? Then try out some fur-trimmed coats and accessories, one of this year's hottest--not to mention warmest--fashion statements.

"Of any season, this one's really been hot for fur," says Kristin Philp, a coat buyer for Bullocks Wilshire. "New York sells them like crazy, but here it's a big fashion statement."

I. Magnin in Sherman Oaks, for instance, is offering beige or black fox trim to drape around coat collars for $285 and little cuffs that attach with velcro for $210.

"You get two cuffs. People like them," says saleswoman Candy Bachelis.

Retailers say fur trim, which combines a classic look with street chic, is enjoying its biggest resurgence since the early 1960s. Some Bullock's Wilshire stores offer leather jackets with fox tuxedo collars and cuffs for $600.

"It's a best seller; we sold five last week and six this week," a Bullock's salesperson says.

Pigeons, a women's fashion clothing store in Sherman Oaks, features a black velvet cocktail dress with dyed black fox trim for $156.

Fur is also popping up on footwear. At Sacha of London in Woodland Hills' Promenade Mall, purple or black suede boots trimmed with fleecy black lamb's wool sell briskly.

"People think they're neat-looking," salesman Brent Gallegos says of the $55 item.

Also at Sacha, preppies with a punk flair can check out flat loafers with zebra-like trim or leopard-like spots.

Says one savvy merchandiser who bet big on fur trim this year: "We were told in the market that fur trim would be big, but this has really been a phenomenal year."

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