Cleaning Up the Air and Antonovich's Appointment to the AQMD

Pardon me if I take exception to your editorial "Smog: New Spirit" (Jan. 7) that discusses the new strategies of the South Coast Air Quality Management District officials. While their ideas deserve merit, I really think they miss the mark entirely.

Is everyone in this town scared stiff to mention the real problem? Dare I say it . . . developers. There, oooh that felt good.

Has it occurred to anyone that slow-growth (and in some areas, no-growth) policies would go a long way towards cleaning up the air, and relieve freeway and street congestion as well?

This idea was taken seriously in the 1960s and 1970s, and perhaps ought to be considered again. My heart would bleed to see some construction workers in the unemployment lines with everyone else. Of course, they could always pack up and go rape some other city whose elected officials need campaign money.

Let Los Angeles regenerate itself for a hundred years or so. The result will be worth it.


Newbury Park

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