Selling Curb Space in L.A.

I wish to strongly second Geraldine Dallek's call ("Should Curb Space Sell With the House?" Op-Ed Page, Jan. 8) for returning the public streets to the public--the people who paid to have the street constructed and pay to have them maintained, the people who own the streets. It's a disgrace that the Los Angeles Police Department and the courts are required to enforce the preferential-parking ordinance. It's a disgrace the City Council ever passed such an awful piece of elitist legislation.

A suggestion to the City Council: If you are going to lease public property to private parties, at least charge a fair price. Fifteen dollars a year for the exclusive use of parking space 24 hours a day, seven days a week is ridiculously low; $1,500 a year would be more like it.


Los Angeles

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