'Yuppie Hobos'

Your story on yuppie hobos sent shivers down the collective backs of the Southern Pacific railroad. Hopping freight trains is one of the most dangerous games anyone can play. One mistake and you could die.

We wholeheartedly agree with the Assn. of American Railroads when it said: "We strongly condemn the practice of riding on freight equipment by unauthorized persons . . . each year hundreds of trespassers are killed or maimed."

Many others have been killed or seriously injured in violent crimes committed in "hobo jungles" or by fellow riders on freight trains. "Recreational hobos" with cash, credit cards and good watches--and younger people--are at particular risk.

It should be noted that these "unauthorized persons" are trespassing on private property and that's against the law. It's a surprise to see The Times glamorizing this sort of folly.


Senior News Editor

Southern Pacific

Transportation Co.

San Francisco

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