Local News in Brief : Homeless Leave Beach

About 150 homeless people who had camped at Venice Beach moved after the weekend's storm and high tides flooded their tents. Their decision to evacuate averted a possible showdown with police who had warned them they must leave by today.

The police warning was issued under a law that took effect Sunday which bans overnight sleeping on the beach.

But the weather proved to be more persuasive.

Activist Ted Hayes and his "Justiceville" group, who had vowed to defy the law, said Monday they were moving to the Penmar Recreation Center in Venice because flood damage had rendered their tents uninhabitable.

"We would rather have Mother Nature run us off the beach than the brothers and sisters in city government," Hayes said.

Some homeless people who are not with Hayes re-pitched their tents on higher beach ground Monday and said they planned to stay.

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