Jimmy the Greek Also Loses His Spot on Madden's Super Bowl Preview Show

United Press International

The producers of the third annual John Madden Super Bowl Special, a syndicated preview show, Monday handed Jimmy (the Greek) Snyder another pink slip.

Bob Horowitz, vice president and general manager of Golden Gaters Productions, said Snyder will not be invited to appear on the program as he has done the two previous years.

"While the Greek has been a valued addition to John Madden's Super Bowl Special in the past, we at GGP have chosen not to use the Greek on our 1988 Super Bowl Special due to the recent controversy that surrounds him," Horowitz said in a statement.

"We will be talking with John Madden during the next few days to determine if we should name a replacement."

The show has been sold to more than 190 television stations nationwide, Horowitz said. The one-hour program will be aired on Jan. 29 or 30 in most markets.

Snyder was fired Saturday by CBS Sports for making offensive remarks about black athletes.

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