Local News in Brief : Massage Parlor Raid

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies armed with search warrants Tuesday night raided a massage parlor in West Hollywood owned by a business professor at East Los Angeles College. Sheriff's Deputy Kathryn Nielson said deputies also served warrants at the San Marino home of Hal Mintz, who owns and operates the Beverly Hills Massage Parlor at 8574 Santa Monica Blvd.

"These searches represent the final steps in an extensive investigation into activities at the Beverly Hills Massage Parlor," Nielson said. "The evidence seized will be used to prosecute the owner/operator on various criminal charges." She declined to say what those charges were.

Also on Tuesday night, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously turned down an appeal by Mintz of the council's revocation last July of his business license for the massage parlor. City officials had previously declared their intent to shut down the operation on the grounds that it is a house of prostitution.

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