Local News in Brief : Landfill Use to Be Studied

A citizens committee will study future development possibilities for the 127-acre quarry and landfill operated by Chandler's Palos Verdes Sand and Gravel Co., the Rolling Hills Estates City Council has decided.

The company has applied for a change in its city landfill permit so it can start using a compacted fill method that is required if buildings are to be put on the land, probably in 10 to 15 years.

The committee, which is to report to the Planning Commission by April 1, will look at future zoning, open space, traffic and demands that additional people will make on utility, police and fire services. It will include representatives of homeowners groups, public agencies and the Chandler firm.

The city has yet to rule on Chandler's permit request, but officials have indicated that they may issue only a temporary permit with conditions designed to control quarry noise and dust that have riled nearby homeowners. John Robertson, Chandler's vice president, told the council that the company may not want to proceed with compacting fill unless it gets a permanent permit.

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