Guitar Hypo

Geffen's John Kalodner says that Jimmy Page doesn't want to come across as "all bull" and wants to create excitement about his forthcoming solo project "without the hype" (Pop Eye, by Patrick Goldstein, Jan. 17).

Kalodner then hypes us to death by calling Page "the most famous guitar player in the world"--Eric Clapton and George Harrison easily out-fame him--and "the world's best guitarist," which is easily debatable just in rock--never mind Stanley Jordan, John Williams or Chet Atkins.

The hype continues when Kalodner says "at least 30% of the audience at a recent Lynyrd Skynyrd concert was wearing Jimmy Page T-shirts," which you can bet your house is a gross exaggeration.

To give him a better chance this time around, maybe Page's undeniable charisma and magical guitar work should be left to speak for itself.


Santa Monica

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