The Fur Flies--Again!

The "Gremlins Go to Las Vegas!" That's the premise for the Steven Spielberg-produced sequel to 1984's "Gremlins," Warner Bros.' top-grossing film ever at $250 million worldwide, according to the studio.

The furry little creatures return as Vegas tourists who go gambling and run roughshod over the casinos. Only inventor Hoyt Axton and good gremlin Gizmo are expected to reprise their roles. Warners has spent more than $1.5 million on script development and still doesn't have a production date--but that could change now that "Gremlins" director Joe Dante has agreed to helm the sequel.

Said Dante, whose last film was the Spielberg-Warners' "Innerspace": "I resisted doing the sequel in the past because I didn't want to make a third-rate film like 'Critters' or 'Ghoulies' (low-budget "Gremlins' clones"). All the scripts I've seen have concentrated more on the gags than the characters, but they're close now to the offbeat humor of the first film."

An example, please?

"One (new) gag has a bad gremlin blowing up a Sammy Davis Jr.-type gremlin on stage with a bazooka."

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