Quibbles & Bits

. . . Unsurprisingly, the publicist for "The Front Runner," that oft-delayed film about a track coach's romance with a gay athlete, called to complain about the pic being excluded from our films of '88 Sneaks issue last week. The project--which we now refer to as "The Back Burner"--has announced so many "ready to start" dates over the years that we've lost count.

. . . Last week, a Paramount publicist sent us a press kit touting the studio's upcoming movies. Stuck in were photos from "The Untouchables" and "Fatal Attraction"--with the comment, "We believe that this material will be of use to you as the Academy Awards process gets underway." Phew! Just in time! Oscar ballots went out last week.

. . . The prop master for the syndicated "Superior Court" needed rifles, handguns, grenades and ammo belts for an upcoming seg. He had to try several prop houses to get 'em--the others had been cleaned out by "Rambo III"!

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