Nova Proves to Be Excellent Product Despite Its Bad Image, Neglect by GM

The Dec. 21 article, "Auto Venture at Roadblock: GM-Toyota Fremont Plant Produces Happy Workers, High-Quality Product--and a Glut of Unsold Chevrolet Novas," was most interesting.

As the advertising agency for Chevrolet's Western region marketing operation, we would like to thank you for pointing out to Californians that the Chevrolet Nova is comparable in all respects to the Toyota Corolla. Our research shows that among Californians--the most entrenched import buyers in the United States--a high percentage will buy a Japanese car made by American workers if quality is comparable. Nova's story needs to be told, and your article helped.

Since the Nova was introduced, leading automotive writers across the country have praised it, including--as the article pointed out--Consumer Reports. It is a terrific car built by Americans. The NUMMI workers are proud of their product with good reason.


President, Vic Olesen & Partners

Culver City

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