While Redondo Beach Mayor Barbara J. Doerr...

While Redondo Beach Mayor Barbara J. Doerr was busy last week surveying the $16 million in damage that an Arctic storm and high tides wreaked on King Harbor, greeting and lobbying state and federal officials and attending emergency meetings, her 6-year-old daughter was at home, figuring out what she could do to help.

With 50 minutes to spare between touring the damage and attending meetings that evening, Doerr remembered that she had promised her daughter Cynthia that she would take her on a tour of the harbor. Doerr rushed home only to be instructed by Cynthia to wait outside her bedroom door.

When Cynthia came out a few minutes later, she gave Doerr a note that read: "To mom I am sorry for what hoppend I hope that evreeting is ok. And I hope that nobudee got hret. from Cynthia."

She also gave her mother a dollar bill that the girl had received from the tooth fairy the night before, which, Doerr explained, was "in her words, 'to put the harbor back in order.' "

At the mayor's request, the City Council received and filed the letter, making it a part of the public record. Doerr added: "She says she may have some loose change to contribute later on."

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