Sneaky Fallibilities

Of course, there are a couple of films opening in 1988 you overlooked and, fortunately, I just happen to have synopses of them:

"THREE GEEKS AND AN INFANT"--Wacky Hollywood version of the uproarious French comedy starring Keanu Reeves, Kiefer Sutherland and River Phoenix as three zit-squirting teens with hip first names who must care for a possessed toddler. Bob Goldthwait is the voice of the baby. (Tri-Century/Trans-Global)

"THE LAST EMPIRE OF GLORY"--Francis Coppola's epic autobiographical reminiscence of his youth in war-torn Brooklyn as seen through the eyes of a cute little Oriental kid who has an obsession with toy war tanks. A black-and-white film. Only the toys appear in color. Fred Olen Ray exec-produces. No cast yet, but Coppola wants Keanu Reeves. (Jump and Shout)


North Hollywood

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