Shoot Out

Talk about launching the Feb TV Sweeps with a bang!

It's Bronson vs. Bronson vs. Bronson on three L.A. independent stations the same two nights--Thursday and Friday--and even the same 8 p.m. time slot.

"The battle of the Bronsons--it had to happen," says KTLA Channel 5 G.M. Steve Bell. "What it says is that Charles Bronson is a big bankable star for television."

Bell added that while he recalls cases where two "Chuck" movies have competed, he thinks three is some kind of record. And "a kind of a loony coincidence."

And what a dilemma for Bronsonians!

On Thursday: "Death Wish III" (Ch. 5), the original "Death Wish" (KTTV, Ch. 11) and "Mr. Majestyk" (KCOP, Ch. 13).

On Friday: "Telefon" (Ch. 5) vs. "Death Wish II" (Ch. 11) vs. "The Stone Killer" (Ch. 13).

But--there's more.

See, KCOP's also got Bronson's "Breakheart Pass" on Tuesday and "The Valachi Papers" on Wednesday. And also on Wednesday, KTTV's got Bronson's "The Evil That Men Do."

We're talking real death wishing.

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