THE SLY REPORT: One of the regular...

THE SLY REPORT: One of the regular highlights of KROQ-FM's morning show is the comical tonsil-twisting of voice impersonator Mark Silverman, who does such showbiz celebs as Sly Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Gary Franklin and Al Pacino (even if there isn't that much call for Al these days). So when the KROQ morning team of the Poorman and Richard Blade decided to play a prank on heavyweight champ Mike Tyson the day of his much-ballyhooed title defense against Larry Holmes, guess who got the nod?

After the deejays got through to Tyson's hotel room, Silverman introduced himself as Stallone, wishing Tyson good luck on the fight. "Not that you really need it," he said, mimicking Stallone's gruff baritone. "I think you're the best boxer since--ahem--Rocky Balboa." Tyson apparently fell for the gag, laughing appreciatively and thanking "Sly" profusely for the courtesy call.

Who dreamed up this wacky idea? The KROQ staff, which is normally happy to take credit for its on-air adventures, was oddly reticent. Silverman would not comment on his antics while morning show producer Van Johnson didn't return several phone calls. Is it possible they're afraid that we'll give their address to Tyson so he can pay them a visit?

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