Oil Drilling in the Palisades

The letter from Laura Lake, of an organization calling itself "Not Yet New York," singles me out for comment as a member of the Los Angeles Public and Coastal Protection Committee. The letter says I favor "dividing the city" over the Palisades project. Not so. I think everyone in Los Angeles should join in the benefits that will flow from this drilling project. More than $100 million from the project will provide much needed police protection, better schools and teachers and other city services.

The letter made the charge that the Palisades project is not environmentally acceptable. Anyone who knows my record in this state over many, many years on environmental matters cannot possibly say I am not vitally concerned with the environment.

I've looked at the Palisades project closely, and I fully believe it to be compatible with the environment. It is not "on the beach" or "in the ocean" as opponents to the project continue to charge. The site is inland from the beach, separated from the sea by the beach, a large parking lot and the seven-lane Pacific Coast Highway.

The city needs the oil resources and the income it can bring to us all. I wouldn't support this project if I did not believe it were in the best interest of all of us.


Los Angeles

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