Writers Guild TV Nominees

Scripts about "L.A. Law," Anastasia, Gen. George S. Patton and Sobibor have earned their writers nominations for the Writers Guild of America Televison Awards.

Winners in television, radio and motion picture categories (whose nominees were announced previously) will be announced March 18 at the 40th annual Writers Guild dinner, held jointly here at the Beverly Hilton and in New York.

TV and radio nominees include:

Original Long Form: Steven Bochco, Terry Louise Fisher, "L.A. Law" pilot; Richard Friedenberg, teleplay, "Promise," story by Tennyson Flowers, Kenneth Blackwell, Richard Friedenberg; Beverly Levitt and Stuart Fischoff, teleplay, "Miles to Go," story by Beverly Levitt; John Sayles, teleplay, "Unnatural Causes," story by Martin M. Goldstein, Stephen Doran, Robert Jacobs; Bob Shayne, "The Return of Sherlock Holmes."

Adapted Long Form: James Goldman, "Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna," Part 1; Christopher Knopf, "Prison for Children"; William Luce, "The Last Days of Patton"; Reginald Rose, "Escape from Sobibor."

Anthology Episode/Single Program: Virginia Aldridge, "Twilight Zone: The Junction"; Harry Cauley, "There Were Times Dear"; Lawrence DuKore and C.R. Portz, "A Mistaken Charity"; Rockne O'Bannon, "Twilight Zone: The Storyteller"; John Sutherland, "Tales From the Darkside: Everybody Needs a Little Love."

Episodic Drama: David Black, "Hill Street Blues: More Skinned Against Than Skinning"; Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher, "L.A. Law: The Venus Butterfly"; Jacob Epstein, Marshall Goldberg, David E. Kelley, "L.A. Law; Fry Me to the Moon"; Debra Frank, Carl Sautter, "Moonlighting: It's a Wonderful Job"; Channing Gibson, teleplay, "St. Elsewhere: A Room With a View," story by John Masius, Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson; Karen Hall, "Moonlighting: Big Man on Mulberry Street"; Georgia Jeffries, "Cagney & Lacey: Turn, Turn Turn," Part 1; Jeffrey Lewis, "Hill Street Blues: Fathers and Guns," story by Jeffrey Lewis and Jerry Patrick Brown; Ron Osborn and Jeff Reno, "Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare."

Episodic Comedy: Ruth Bennett, "Family Ties: My Back Pages"; Barry Fanaro and Mort Nathan, "The Golden Girls: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas"; Gary David Goldberg and Alan Uger, "Family Ties: 'A,' My Name Is Alex," Part 2; Ken Levine and David Isaacs, "Cheers: Never Love a Goalie," Part 1; Kathy Speer, Terry Grossman, Mort Nathan, Barry Fanaro, "The Golden Girls: A Piece of Cake"; Tom Straw, "Night Court: Contempt of Courting"; Jay Tarses, "The Days & Nights of Molly Dodd: Here's Why Cosmetics Should Come in Unbreakable Bottles."

Variety: Jeffrey Lane, "1987 Tony Awards"; Daryl G. Nickens, Rita Cash, Royce Osborne Jr., "19th Annual NAACP Image Awards"; Bennett Tramer, "Will Rogers: Look Back in Laughter."

Children's Script: Joanna Lee, "Juvi"; Joseph Maurer, "An Enemy Among Us"; James Orr, Jim Cruickshank, "Young Harry Houdini."

Documentary, Current Events: John Fielding, Steve Singer, Richard Threlkeld, "The Bomb Factories"; Charles Lewis, "First Jersey Securities"; Perry Wolff, "The Battle for Afghanistan."

Documentary, Other Than Current Events: Barbara Jampel, "In the Shadow of Vesuvius"; Nicolas Noxon,"Secrets of the Titanic"; Theodore Thomas, "The Grizzlies."

TV Spot News: Louis Haber, "Looking Backward 20 Years"; Thomas Phillips, Paul Fisher, Hugh Heckman, Paul Enger, "Reykjavik Summit."

Daytime Serials: Writers for "Days of Our Lives" and "Ryan's Hope."

Radio Documentary: James Benes, "Chicago's Christmas Past"; Robert Froman, "Newsmark: The Iran Contra Hearings"; Norman Morris, "Under the Big Sky."

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