WEEKEND BOX OFFICE : Disney Loses One to ‘Moving’

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For the first time in months, Disney/Touchstone is down from three to only (only!) two box office hits in the weekly top five spots. But just barely. “Shoot to Kill” grossed just dollars less (in movie parlance, that’s about $10,000) than Disney/Touchstone’s “Three Men and a Baby,” which barely undergrossed “Moonstruck.” Newcomer “Moving,” starrring Richard Pryor, had a so-so opening weekend and still placed second on the chart. From “Good Morning, Vietnam” on down, no film performed spectacularly last weekend. Whether it was the L.A. Marathon or some other sporting event, regular moviegoing audiences were watching something else. Last year at this time, crowds were flocking to see the likes of “Lethal Weapon,” “Platoon” and “Nightmare on Elm Street III” and grosses were much much higher.

* “Switching Channels” had one of the better per-screen averages of an otherwise lackluster weekend, though not quite up to standards for such a star-studded film.