Traci Does TV

Onetime under-age porn queen Traci Lords, who’s starring in the aforementioned “Not of This Earth,” will first appear in the March 28 “Wiseguy.” But the series’ producers didn’t know about Traci’s X-past when they cast her . . . as an escort service gal!

“Seriously,” said co-exec producer Les Sheldon, “we were in Vancouver shooting and I told a production assistant who we’d cast in that part and she said, ‘Yeah, right, who’d you really cast?’ And I said we’d really cast a girl named Traci Lords.”

Titled “Date With an Angel,” the episode--directed by Sheldon--finds a lonely FBI informant locked up for protection in a D.C. apartment. “So he decides to call an escort service for a little company,” explained Sheldon.

Enter Traci for a couple scenes: “But I can’t give it away. It’s our cliffhanger for the season,” said Leonard. “But I can say that she was very professional in her work. She did a nice job.”