A.J. Foyt Black-Flagged Three Times, Then Suspended by NASCAR Officials

<i> Associated Press </i>

A.J. Foyt was fined $5,000 and suspended from NASCAR stock-car competition for six months Sunday after a run-in with officials during the Winston 500.

The 53-year-old Texan got into a fender-banging incident with Alan Kulwicki under a caution flag late in the 500-mile race at the Alabama International Motor Speedway.

Foyt, a part-time NASCAR racer, and Kulwicki were black-flagged into the pits under the sanctioning body’s “penalty box” rule designed to cool heated tempers. Both were kept on pit road for one lap.


As Foyt left the pits, he drove past Kulwicki’s parked car, nearly side-swiping it. NASCAR officials black-flagged Foyt again and stopped scoring him.

Foyt drove his Oldsmobile back onto the pit road, as ordered, but hardly slowed down. He nearly hit several officials, driving behind one man standing on pit road, then sped back onto the track.

Foyt, black-flagged a third time, locked up his brakes and spun as he got near the exit to the garage area.