Amnesty Applicants’ School Registration Begins Today

Registration begins today for what Los Angeles Unified School District officials are calling the largest adult “back to school” program in its history--the Amnesty Preparation and Citizenship Program.

The school district is offering free courses at 27 adult community schools to teach immigrants basic English skills, U.S. government and history.

Beginning in December, amnesty applicants will be eligible to apply for permanent alien residency status. This process requires that immigrants pass an English and civics test or show that they have completed courses covering those subjects.


The citizenship course, financed by $4 million in federal aid, will entail between 150 and 200 hours of class instruction. About 650 teachers have been trained, said Domingo A. Rodriguez, supervisor of the program.

Officials said they expect to enroll at least 30,000 students this year and as many as 171,000 over four years.

Classes begin on Monday. They will be held in the evenings, on Saturdays and possibly Sundays, if demand exists, Rodriguez said.

Enrollment information may be obtained by calling (213) 625-3276.