Firefighters Battle Massive Blaze in L.A.'s Tallest Skyscraper

The devastating fire in the bank building points out some serious deficiencies in the Los Angeles Building and Safety Code which should be corrected.

The two trapped victims of the fire, Melinda Skaar and Stephen Oksas, indicated that they had hurled a table and file cabinets against the windows and they just bounced back (Part I, May 6).

All new buildings should require windows that can be opened, not only from a fire standpoint, but also for conservation of precious water and energy used in air-conditioning and heating. In our salubrious climate it is shortsighted not to take advantage of this opportunity. It is not only feasible, but the owners would benefit cost wise from less consumption of water and energy. Certainly, employees and customers would appreciate a breath of fresh outside air.

I hope the council has the wisdom and courage to include in the Building and Safety Code a requirement of windows that open in all buildings in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles

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