Scout's Dishonor

You won't be seeing any Girl Scouts in Weintraub Entertainment's Girl Scout comedy "Be Prepared," which starts filming May 31. The Girls Scouts of America didn't like the way some Scouts were portrayed in the original script for the Shelley Long feature, and withheld approval to use the name or uniform.

Long plays a Beverly Hills divorcee who becomes the leader of a girls group to gain a sense of accomplishment and to bond emotionally with her daughter. Jeff Kanew directs.

A GSA spokeswoman wouldn't comment beyond . . . "the script was read and we decided that it wasn't for us." But Margaret Oberman, who co-wrote with Pamela Norris, said she understood that cooperation was nixed because "we include a bad troop in the story--Shelley Long's rivals, so to speak. They (GSA) made a decision that it just wasn't the right image for them."

So now Weintraub's lawyers are concocting a name for the fictional girls group. How about the Gucci Guides?

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