Beverly Hills : $63.3-Million Budget Requested

City Manager Edward S. Kreins has presented the City Council with a proposed general fund budget for fiscal year 1988-89 of about $63.3 million in expenditures--an increase of less than 2% over last year--on revenues of about $62.8 million--an increase of 7%. The difference between revenues and expenditures would be made up from a balance of nearly $2.6 million carried over from the current fiscal year.

Kreins credited the minimal increase in operating expenditures to an effort to control spending and a reduction in the city's contribution to the retirement fund. The largest expenditure is for public safety, which makes up nearly 40% of all expenditures. The city is adding three police officers for foot patrols in the business districts.

The rise in revenue is expected from an increase in property taxes resulting from more home sales and an increase in sales taxes because of additional tourists expected for the city's 75th anniversary celebration.

The City Council is expected to adopt the budget at a meeting Tuesday.

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