Pizza Men

It’s old news that Spike Lee--mucho disappointed with Columbia over its marketing of “School Daze"--has taken his new project “Do the Right Thing” to Universal. And he’s mentioned publicly that it’s another scenario dealing with ethnic relations, this time between blacks and Italians, set against the NYC pizza trade.

So we uncovered a few more ingredients for hungry Spike fans:

Mookie, who lives with younger sis Jade, is a young black who schleps pizza for “Sal’s Famous Pizzeria.” Sal has two sons, Pino and Vito. Pino loathes “Mookie” and having to work in an all black and Puerto Rican neighborhood while Vito’s pretty cool about it.

Eventually, unsavory characters on the block with names like “Buggin’ Out” try to muscle Sal’s establishment out of town because they feel he’s slighted their race. An ugly confrontation ensues. The brouhaha culminates when racist white cops administer a choke-hold on a principal character.


Shooting begins next month in Brooklyn.