In Search of Support for Anti-Toxics Bill

There is a critical issue that needs to be addressed by parents and child advocacy groups. We need the help of every citizen who will stand up on behalf of the health and safety of our children and let their voices be heard in Sacramento.

AB 3205 is struggling to survive. It is a law that would give agencies the power to prevent industrial plants that house or emit toxic substances from being built next to schools.

Our school district is one of many throughout the state where children have been hurt. A spill from a plant next door to one of our elementary schools caused over 100 of our students to become ill. The plant in Glendora also emits a known carcinogen.

The battle in Sacramento is an obnoxious one. Industry officials don’t want such enforcement and have the money to fight it. Two bills have already died. Efforts have begun to revive one.


Our school district is not a wealthy one, yet we are supporting this effort by testifying and lobbying.

There is only one hope to cut through the political sludge, and that is to let legislators hear from voters. This bill faces a critical test before a Senate committee on Aug. 8.

I will be taking my third trip to Sacramento to testify that day. This time I would like to carry your letters with me. Please send them to me in care of the Bonita Unified School District, 115 W. Allen Ave., San Dimas, Calif. 91773.

And let your voices be heard elsewhere. The Board of Supervisors needs to hear from you. Legislators and the governor need to hear. And send copies of the letter you send me to Assemblywoman Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles), author of AB 3205.



Vice president, Board of Education

Bonita Unified School District