Long Beach : Council OKs Moratorium

Pleasing some residents and angering others, the City Council Tuesday approved a building moratorium on Raymond, Dawson and Junipero avenues between 7th and 10th streets.

The Long Beach council voted for the six-month moratorium at the request of more than 150 residents who signed a petition asking for a zoning study of their neighborhood. They want to downzone their area from R-2, which allows two units per lot, to R-1, which allows only single-family homes.

But many other residents, including some who said they already are building a second unit, complained bitterly that allowing fewer units on their lots will cause financial hardship. The heated meeting was attended by about 60 residents and ended when opponents of the moratorium stormed out of the council chamber shouting "We're stuck" and "Remember, you're all elected officials."

Councilman Wallace Edgerton, who represents the area, reminded them that the moratorium is temporary and no decision has been made on any zoning changes.

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