Long Beach : Prostitution Idea Dropped

To deter prostitution, Councilman Ray Grabinski told his colleagues he wants area newspapers to publish the names of everyone arrested on such charges. But the Long Beach council promply killed the idea without a vote.

Some council members said they would consider asking newspapers to publish the names of people convicted instead of those arrested for prostitution and other crimes. "Under our form of justice, a person is innocent until proven guilty," Councilman Warren Harwood said.

But Grabinski said that suggestion would require tracking through the courts the 90-plus prostitution cases each month. He then withdrew his suggestion that the Public Safety Advisory Commission review the feasibility of publishing names in prostitution cases, along with drunk driving and other public nuisances.

Even then, Councilman Tom Clark pointed out, the city would have to buy ads in newspapers to ensure such lists would be published. Arrest records are public information and available at any time, City Atty. John Calhoun noted.

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