Boz, the Author: Some Sooner Players Freebased Cocaine on Game Days

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Associated Press

Brian Bosworth, in his autobiography, describes an Oklahoma football program in which players freebased cocaine on game days, steroids were commonplace, and numerous NCAA violations occurred, the Dallas Morning News reported in its Saturday editions.

In “The Boz: Confessions of a Modern Anti-Hero,” a 252-page book written with Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated and due to be released in September, the native of Irving, Tex., who is now a linebacker with the Seattle Seahawks, described this scenario:

--Players freebasing cocaine on game day.

--One player, Buster Rhymes, shooting a machine gun off a dormitory balcony.

--Steroids as commonplace as aspirin.

--NCAA violations, including extra recruiting visits.

The newspaper wrote its story after reviewing an advance copy of the book, a spokesman said Friday night.


According to Bosworth, the Sooner football program bordered on anarchy, and Coach Barry Switzer didn’t discipline players who broke the law or NCAA rules, as long as the team won.

“Some guys, especially some of the city guys, would freebase a lot of cocaine. One day I happened to see them doing it on the day of the game,” Bosworth wrote in the book. “If you were a star on the University of Oklahoma football team, you could do just about anything you wanted. You had no rules.”

Bosworth, 23, left Oklahoma after his graduation in May 1987.