Song Title of the Week

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions' upcoming album, "Mainstream," features a tune titled "Sean Penn Blues." According to Cole, it's an account of an actual incident where Penn was invited by a poetry society to give a reading, only to find he'd been set up. "When he read, people laughed openly and he was slaughtered in the press afterward," Cole said. "If someone did that to me, I'd smash TVs and cameras. So when I read that, I knew there was a song in it somewhere . . . I sincerely hope I hear from Sean--and I hope he doesn't beat me up." Here's some sample lyrics:

Fat hacks, New York Times food columnists want to review my soup,

Yeh, honestly, my wife says I go looking for trouble,

I surely find it ...

Guess it seems I am just a natural no good,

And I like it like that,

But when I see you coming down my street,

You walk right in and then you walk all over me,

Oh yeh, I need you gate-crashing on my beat,

Walking like Nancy Sinatra, walk all over me.

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