Local News in Brief : Irvine : UCI Lab Gets $104,415 for Air Pollution Studies

UC Irvine's Air Pollution Health Effects Laboratory has received $104,415 from the Charles S. Stocking Trust of San Mateo for studies to determine whether air pollution is more hazardous to children than adults.

"This award will enable us to ascertain the health risks for children caused by air pollution," said Dr. Robert Phalen, professor of community and environmental medicine and director of the air pollution laboratory.

Phalen added: "Using computerized and silicone rubber models of children's pulmonary systems, we will examine the relationships between uptake into the lungs of air pollutants and such factors as body size, growth patterns, disease, body types, environmental conditions, exercise, ethnic differences, breathing patterns and pollutant characteristics."

The Stocking Trust donated the research money to the UC Board of Regents, and regents in turn picked UCI's laboratory as the research site.

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