Candidates Clash in First TV Debate

The debate was probably as good as we can expect in this day of television which draws us away from the issues and subverts our thinking process with images of the candidates' appearance and "body language." The format might be much better on radio where one element of deception can be removed from the process of educating ourselves so that we can make a sensible choice.

The central issue facing us and this campaign is the enormous budget deficit about which neither candidate answered the question well and about which all their proposed programs will live or die. Watching Bush's lips is not a pretty sight on this one.

What is particularly annoying is the "spin" put on the performance to put in the public's mind the opposite of what is apparent. I heard innumerable calls on CSPAN from one Bush supporter after another talking about how "mechanical" and "like a robot" Dukakis was and how Dukakis "memorized" his lines. Who told all these people to use the same words? Who is trying to put a "spin" on the debate?



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