Terminal Cases

A cop show whose episodes are based on real-life cases and end with summaries of their real-life conclusions. Hmmmm. Sounds a lot like-- dum-de-dum-dum --"Dragnet.”

Wrong, said Mary-Ellis Bunim, producer of the “reality-based” “The Detective Show,” which just wrapped two half-hour pilots. Bunim promised that the potential series “is like nothing you’ve seen on television before.”

The distinction: Instead of sending out scouts to cull through police files around the country, “Detective” is plugged into the Nexis computer system--which allows it to pull up crimes from newspaper files.

OK, but how about the series regulars? Here’s what we dug up from an inside source:


The chief, who’s “tough but fair . . . compassionate but exacting . . . hasn’t had time for women lately and needs to do something about it.”

Turo, a “top academy graduate, Cuban, multilingual, moves easily between upscale and street.”

Howie, a “seasoned pro former street cop who goes by his gut (and) can’t cope with computer technology.”

Liz, the “daughter of a state congressman, expert marksman, beautiful but hides it.”


Jimmie, “graduated from the Dallas Police Academy much to the amazement of her macho peers who couldn’t understand how a girl this luscious could be this strong and tough.”

The daytime series is from Hal Roach’s and Robert Halmi’s Qintex Entertainment.