Films now going into production:Drugstore Cowboy...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia</i>

Films now going into production:

Drugstore Cowboy (Avenue). Shooting in Portland. Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch star in this early-'70s drama concerning a gang of drug addicts and the attempt of their leader to go straight. Executive producer Cary Brokaw. Producers Nick Wechsler and Karen Murphy. Director Gus Van Sant. Screenwriters Van Sant and Dan Yost. Also stars James Remar and William Burroughs. Spring release.

The Immaculate Conception of Baby Bump (I.R.S. World Media). Shooting in Los Angeles. An offbeat comedy based on the long-running Groundlings show, “Just Like the Pom-Pom Girls.” A quirky tale of a mother and daughter (a test-tube baby whose father’s identity isn’t known) who live shabbily on the outskirts of Hollyweird. Executive producers Paul Colichman and Miles Copeland III. Producer Daniel Raskov. Director William Schreiner. Screenwriter Melanie Graham. Stars Anita Morris, Rick Overton and Dennis Christopher. Distributor New Line.

Miami Blues (Orion). Shooting in Miami. Based on the late Charles Willeford’s novel about a stubborn homicide detective (Fred Ward) whose gun and badge are ripped off by an ex-con (Alec Baldwin) and his hooker-wife (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Following this is a chain of role reversal. Executive producers Edward Saxon and Ward. Producers Jonathan Demme and Gary Goetzman. Director/screenwriter George Armitage. Distributor Orion. Summer release.


Pink Cadillac (Malpaso). Shooting in Nevada and Northern California. Clint Eastwood is a professional bounty hunter who gets involved with the wife (Bernadette Peters) of the fugitive that he’s pursuing. Producer David Valdes. Director Buddy Van Horn. Screenwriter John Eskow. Distributor Warner Bros. Summer release.