Cheating on School Tests

A little known fact of educators, administrators and test accumulators has yet to be discovered. Unbeknown to them, a percentage of test-taking adolescents are befuddling all of the above by their rebellious youth-oriented ways!

Approximately a year ago I received via mail carrier the grand results of my two teens' standardized tests given throughout the district, and was a parent in despair at the low scores! Before proceeding to counselors and "help" classes, I queried the freshman and senior as to these ghastly results and was amazed at their complete nonchalance in reply! The test itself was a farce and was of no benefit to them or their college entrance, so why bother? They and many of their friends saw the shortened classes for testing as a time to relax and enjoy; pick at random, without reading the question, an answer and fill in the dot. Oh yes, this was the way to finish early so the exchange of notes could commence and spit wads adhere themselves anonymously to the ceilings!

I think perhaps all those in authority should consider who they wish to motivate to higher scores in schools. The ethical question should not be whether teachers should teach to the test, rather is it ethical to give nothing in return to the student!



Huntington Park

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