Steady Climb in Mild Temperatures Forecast


Los Angeles’ weather will fall into a stagnant pattern over the weekend with night and morning cloudiness and “a very steady climb” in mild autumn temperatures, forecasters said.

A storm system in the upper atmosphere is “dropping toward” California, but will become stationary about 500 to 600 miles west of Los Angeles, said Dave Beusterien, a meteorologist with WeatherData Inc., which provides forecasts for The Times.

“The system will move very little over the weekend,” Beusterien said. “It may even drift slowly westward.”


The result will be a weak high-pressure system over California, which will nudge the mercury upward a few degrees on Saturday and Sunday, Beusterien said.

Temperatures along the coast will range from the 60s to the low 70s today and inland areas will see highs between the upper 70s and the mid-80s. Saturday’s highs should be two or three degrees higher, and Sunday will top out another degree or two above that.

“There should be a decrease in cloudiness on Saturday,” Beusterien said. “Clouds may break up about 10 a.m. instead of around noon. From Saturday on, there should be hazy sunshine in the afternoon.”

Desert areas will have highs from the mid-90s to 102 through the weekend, and the mercury in Southern California mountains will nestle comfortably between the 70s and low 80s.