TV's View of Peace

A comment on Michael Parks' Oct. 3 article, " 'Head of the Class' Learns Some Lessons in Moscow," about the trip to the Soviet Union by personnel of the ABC comedy series:

Of course the Russian people are like us. They walk hand-in-hand, buy groceries in stores, care about their children, long for peace and surpass most shallow Americans with the sincerity of their conversation and the depth of their friendship.

But, unfortunately, these people live under a dictatorship of the Communist Party, the same totalitarian government that murdered millions of its people in the 1930s and 1 million Afghans in the 1980s.

It is a disservice to the millions of American teen-agers who watch this series to leave them believing that the U.S.-Soviet confrontation is one of moral equivalency to be overcome by good will and some sappy leftist vision of peace.


El Cajon

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