Huntington Beach Disclosure Warning

Finally Jack Kelly, Huntington Beach city councilman, has been fined $4,000 by the Fair Political Practices Committee for not reporting property he owned on his "Statement of Economic Interest." Kelly can count himself lucky that the FPPC had a "cut-and-run" policy. Otherwise, he would have been cited for additional charges.

People in Huntington Beach want honest representation. There are a number of citizens in Huntington Beach who are "watchdogs" over the goings-on at City Hall. We have no hesitation to investigate the candidates' "Statement of Contributions." These documents show who the candidates are accepting contributions from and if these contributions are consistent with their campaign literature. Inconsistencies found will be made public.

There are many other public records that reveal what property and holdings are within the control of the candidate or officeholder. Rare is the individual who can successfully hide from public view all that he or she would like to maintain as secret.


Huntington Beach

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