Vice Presidential Candidates Bentsen and Quayle Debate

I watched the "attack on Quayle." There was no debate. No one was interested in what Bentsen had to say or thought. Questions were directed to Quayle, but for some reason Bentsen didn't feel he had to respond to the same question, so he took the time to attack Quayle on unrelated issues which Quayle was not given the time to debate or answer.

Bentsen made his remark, "Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy." Quayle never said he was Kennedy, he only compared their experience. My first reaction was to say, "Thank God, Quayle is not Jack Kennedy," for if he were he wouldn't get my vote and many informed Americans feel the same way.

Quayle was correct in telling Bentsen his comment was uncalled for as Bentsen needed to be held accountable for such a stupid remark. However, it was the greatest compliment Bentsen paid Quayle all evening. When Quayle was asked what he would do first if called upon to be President, he said he would pray.

Thank God for a man who would pray first to the highest power in the world. A man who would state this as his first act at such a time has my vote.



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