‘Yippyayo!’ a Musical for the Under-6 Set

“Yippyayo!” a children’s musical with a cowboy theme at Theatre West, is mildly amusing, participatory kiddie fare strictly for the under-6 set.

In Lloyd J. Schwartz’s sparse play, Belle Starr, Wild Bill Hiccup, Davy Crockett and Calamity Jane come to the town of Yippyayo because they want to live “where people get along together.”

With the help of audience members they write the town rules, including “no hitting,” “no shooting” and “no misspelling.” One boy suggested “no smoking,” but by this time, the chalkboard was full.

Eric H. Warren’s attractive, substantial Western set is not used to full effect by director Schwartz and adult actors astride child-sized hobby horses add an unintended touch of silliness.


Andy Taylor’s salty performance as bad Dirty Dan--who learns that “grime doesn’t pay"--and a few piquant moments in Barbara Mallory Schwartz’s urchin-like portrayal of Calamity Jane just barely save the day.

At 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Saturdays at 1 p.m. through November. $5. (818) 761-2203.